{"aa":{"id":"R_DemPt7SNewcjDfb","gender":"Male","age":"58","affiliation":"Republican","domain":"aa","high_signal":"0","estimate_1":"67","estimate_2":"64","question":"What fraction of African Americans graduating from college did so with a GPA of 3.5 or higher?","message":"A GPA of 3.5 in college is considered to be good by many individuals. Most individuals in college won't be able to obtain and maintain a GPA of 3.5 or higher. African Americans attend college at lower rates and tend to come from lower socioeconomic status which is directly linked to lower performance in academia. Also, due to affirmative action in admissions, African American students may be admitted to schools that are more challenging than their undergraduate record would otherwise lead them to be admitted to and enroll in. As a result, African Americans are more likely to have lower grade point averages due to circumstances beyond their control that make it more difficult to successfully achieve a GPA and maintain one of at least 3.5."},"immigration":{"id":"R_W6hiwnErMwB51jH","gender":"Male","age":"24","affiliation":"Democrat","domain":"immigration","high_signal":"1","estimate_1":"22","estimate_2":"30","question":"What fraction of undocumented immigrants deported from the United States in 2015 were convicted of a crime unrelated to immigration?","message":"I understand that you may think that not many of the people deported are criminals, but I really think the true number is pretty high. First note that the question is asking about the Obama years; Obama did not have the same anti-immigration position that Trump has. During the Obama administration the big focus was not on getting immigrants out of the country, but minimizing them as a problem, which meant deporting those who were involved in crime, and especially those part of gangs. So, fewer were probably arrested, but more of those arrested were almost certainly arrested for crimes other than just being in the country illegally. I just moved from Arizona to South Carolina and Illegal immigrants were a major cause of crime where I came from. I moved to Tucson when I was 2 years old and it was a beautiful city to live in. Times changed however, and when I came back from college it was a different place. Crime rates were sky high and a lot of the crime was caused by guns, drugs and weapons being brought over the border by illegal immigrants. I know there are a lot of honest hardworking illegal immigrants in the country; please don't think I don't know this, but just from experience it is not out of the realm of possibility that a surprisingly high fraction of illegals are criminals."},"army":{"id":"R_sYDjQKzTGbH8Kf7","gender":"Female","age":"33","affiliation":"Republican","domain":"army","high_signal":"1","estimate_1":"30","estimate_2":"71","question":"What fraction of active duty military in the United States are serving in the Army?","message":"The Army is the largest branch of the military. If you think about it, it doesn\u2019t take that many people to operate a plane or a ship \u2013 but it takes a lot of people in tanks, Humvees or just boots on the ground. But the army doesn\u2019t only need frontline soldiers: they also have their own intelligence service and a lot of other support staff, like cooks, medics, and computer specialists. Then, they have a lot of bases all over the US and also around the world. That\u2019s a lot of people to keep everything running smoothly. Sure, the army is only one of five branches of the military \u2013 but the others include the Coast Guard, which is really tiny and the Marines \u2013 also tiny. Ultimately, most of the work still gets done by the army and so they have a ton of people."},"insurance":{"id":"R_8vJoM9BWmD1FEid","gender":"Male","age":"38","affiliation":"Democrat","domain":"insurance","high_signal":"1","estimate_1":"35","estimate_2":"40","question":"What fraction of adult women in the United States have a life insurance policy?","message":"I think most adults in the country have some form of life insurance. It\u2019s a big risk if you don\u2019t have any coverage and have a family. What if something happened and they didn\u2019t have any money to help them? In fact, many employers offer highly discounted policies, so, for almost anyone who is working, it\u2019s actually not that expensive to get at least some coverage. Women are often caring for the family and so I think they might be especially conscious to take precautions and make sure their children will have something in case they are no longer around. On top of that, women often take fewer risks than men, so they\u2019re probably more likely to buy all kinds of insurance. I believe that women are more likely to have higher levels of automobile insurance (in part because the rates they pay are lower), and health insurance; it would make sense that they have higher rates of life insurance as well."}}