{"0":{"id":"R_1qfZGZCZGb21c4W","estimate":"75","direction":"T","argument":"Due to socioeconomic reasons, white women are more likely to have the means to access providers of abortion than black women."},"1":{"id":"R_3FJYfBmleIXJ8cN","estimate":"83","direction":"T","argument":"When illegal immigration was in a boom, both parties were pro setting up a border wall."},"2":{"id":"R_2cusXJR2K4pT2LX","estimate":"10","direction":"F","argument":"The education department is very important and well managed, The annual budget is pretty important to helping with education."},"3":{"id":"R_AhXzoSfdtRwih2x","estimate":"55","direction":"T","argument":"I think this is likely because the US has very relaxed gun control laws."},"4":{"id":"R_2zU4ywy7Mqw4y0U","estimate":"25","direction":"F","argument":"There are a lot more suicides than homicides, so it's likely they use guns for them as well."},"5":{"id":"R_2tLOgvgtj2x9FHz","estimate":"70","direction":"T","argument":"Marriage is becoming less common, but relationships aren't, so this seems more likely."},"6":{"id":"R_2cusXJR2K4pT2LX","estimate":"18","direction":"F","argument":"Sexual Harassment is often very subjective. To prove an event took place requires a fair amount of evidence."},"7":{"id":"R_3MoPLYDeEM4ONcx","estimate":"30","direction":"F","argument":"I think that we still have more coal plants than solar plants."},"8":{"id":"R_1OuxgTyUe9uSHCd","estimate":"79","direction":"T","argument":"In general they seem to struggle more academically, given this I would imagine this is true."},"9":{"id":"R_1JKrPbsGlDMW0dG","estimate":"24","direction":"F","argument":"Considering that most rich people pay very little taxes (e.g., Trump) and pool people don't pay much taxes, this is probably false."},"solar.avg":"10%, 55%, 20%, 40%, 65%","gunviolence.avg":"70%, 19%, 70%, 60%, 70%","sexualharassment.avg":"83%, 4%, 70%, 70%, 20%","abortion.avg":"24%, 40%, 4%, 87%, 13%","marriage.avg":"61%, 42%, 75%, 60%, 71%","education.avg":"17%, 87%, 10%, 10%, 52%","taxrevenue.avg":"80%, 80%, 94%, 70%, 80%","gunsales.avg":"80%, 3%, 24%, 40%, 70%","democrats.avg":"83%, 95%, 80%, 14%, 15%","stem.avg":"20%, 17%, 4%, 15%, 21%"}