{"0":{"id":"R_C3n1fs6rS0tAPNn","estimate":"74","direction":"T","argument":"White women are more concerned with their careers and individuality"},"1":{"id":"R_3FJYfBmleIXJ8cN","estimate":"83","direction":"T","argument":"When illegal immigration was in a boom, both parties were pro setting up a border wall."},"2":{"id":"R_1KpVOfIPabpff0m","estimate":"20","direction":"F","argument":"The US has some of the most prestigious educational institutions in the world, while its public transportation system and infrastructure are inferior to many other countries."},"3":{"id":"R_2QMnLubTrvN815A","estimate":"10","direction":"F","argument":"I had a background check performed on me when I purchased my handgun. I assume most states have the same laws."},"4":{"id":"R_12um7eapIOi8bbA","estimate":"92","direction":"T","argument":"I think it's true, because people are always fighting for gun control. If there are more deaths through suicide, then the people supporting gun control need to focus on suicide prevention instead."},"5":{"id":"R_3QJzw1IJMilsdms","estimate":"81","direction":"T","argument":"This is very true because there are many couples who don't want or feel the need to get married."},"6":{"id":"R_3Egl3NAGLCS9lCU","estimate":"97","direction":"T","argument":"It is almost impossible to get the proof needed to prove sexual harassment. \/"},"7":{"id":"R_2uQHhp4UCAo2jmY","estimate":"20","direction":"F","argument":"Although the solar industry is rising, I still think that non-renewable energy remains dominant in the United States. We can see the use of fossil fuels, for instance, with our transportation and electricity. "},"8":{"id":"R_2fATg7Jl1O2sJGv","estimate":"10","direction":"F","argument":"I believe that black students are just as interested in STEM and as capable of the coursework as any other students."},"9":{"id":"R_114oMsXtu2Sn5vR","estimate":"51","direction":"T","argument":"I think that a portion comes from income tax but that the largest source is tariffs."},"solar.avg":"23%, 55%, 20%, 51%, 10%","gunviolence.avg":"75%, 25%, 90%, 19%, 86%","sexualharassment.avg":"18%, 78%, 56%, 55%, 70%","abortion.avg":"63%, 70%, 60%, 61%, 4%","marriage.avg":"76%, 35%, 60%, 71%, 30%","education.avg":"17%, 10%, 47%, 87%, 10%","taxrevenue.avg":"90%, 70%, 99%, 85%, 70%","gunsales.avg":"65%, 35%, 20%, 40%, 60%","democrats.avg":"1%, 83%, 10%, 82%, 95%","stem.avg":"49%, 0%, 9%, 61%, 72%"}