{"0":{"id":"R_1qfZGZCZGb21c4W","estimate":"75","direction":"T","argument":"Due to socioeconomic reasons, white women are more likely to have the means to access providers of abortion than black women."},"1":{"id":"R_1JKrPbsGlDMW0dG","estimate":"26","direction":"F","argument":"Most democrats currently are against Trump's border wall. So It seems unlikely that most of them would support a border wall in the previous administration."},"2":{"id":"R_BJuDpx8uo6G1Kwx","estimate":"80","direction":"T","argument":"transportation helps the economy and makes money on international trades, whereas there are budget cuts on college, decreasing the number of classes available for students to take"},"3":{"id":"R_1EgMM4FYMqt3exq","estimate":"88","direction":"T","argument":"I think and hope the laws are changing, but right now gun shows sell guns all day without background checks; gun shops are different, I hope, and they do do background checks."},"4":{"id":"R_3LYlDn6dkWU4E8Z","estimate":"60","direction":"T","argument":"I hear more about homicides more often, but that's only because news will pick up on that while suicides they don't really pick up on it. Gun-related homicides, usually they kill multiple people so that's also why I think it's more likely. "},"5":{"id":"R_bEI8YI4EToc4cRb","estimate":"70","direction":"T","argument":"Personal responsibility has almost been extinguished especially after the bho presidency."},"6":{"id":"R_9REyH9AiRYhuzoR","estimate":"70","direction":"T","argument":"Society as a whole does not take allegations of sexual assault or harassment seriously. Especially when women make them, they are believed to be liars and frauds and dismissed all the time."},"7":{"id":"R_2v1EmuEvOyRYwhH","estimate":"18","direction":"F","argument":"I don't believe this is true because I think that our infrastructure is much more dependent on the coal industry at the moment. I think the solar industry is a growing industry but has not surpassed coal at this point."},"8":{"id":"R_3vBaxGjQTWkIffP","estimate":"49","direction":"F","argument":"Black students might be just as good as white students at sticking to a STEM major because quality of education is increasing."},"9":{"id":"R_z6kksO56J8MoP0B","estimate":"80","direction":"T","argument":"I think that's true because every person, who is working and gets a paycheck is taxed and they take a ton of money out for taxes, so, to me it makes sense that the largest source of tax revenue is the income tax."},"solar.avg":"35%, 49%, 60%, 20%, 51%","gunviolence.avg":"85%, 73%, 0%, 70%, 88%","sexualharassment.avg":"66%, 80%, 18%, 20%, 83%","abortion.avg":"70%, 48%, 20%, 61%, 87%","marriage.avg":"60%, 21%, 19%, 45%, 60%","education.avg":"40%, 52%, 19%, 10%, 70%","taxrevenue.avg":"96%, 61%, 100%, 96%, 70%","gunsales.avg":"86%, 40%, 25%, 60%, 93%","democrats.avg":"61%, 5%, 9%, 82%, 60%","stem.avg":"61%, 4%, 9%, 71%, 10%"}