{"0":{"id":"R_3G7cKUg8XoSFIOb","estimate":"48","direction":"F","argument":"I think that is a very difficult call because I think they probably get abortions about equally."},"1":{"id":"R_1K6WQ259IFmFJ3b","estimate":"12","direction":"F","argument":"It seems more likely that republic senators would vote for this issue rather than democratic senators."},"2":{"id":"R_1nZNlwPh6fvs3af","estimate":"52","direction":"T","argument":"I think it more likely true because we don't spend a lot on education in this country."},"3":{"id":"R_2QMnLubTrvN815A","estimate":"10","direction":"F","argument":"I had a background check performed on me when I purchased my handgun. I assume most states have the same laws."},"4":{"id":"R_elgU19vWoNEjwSl","estimate":"91","direction":"T","argument":"I think the statement is true because I think it's probably more common for a homicide to be done with a gun than a suicide."},"5":{"id":"R_3eekxyYQP3p7wve","estimate":"85","direction":"T","argument":"I think that due to more and more couples choosing to live together and not go through the formality of marriage,this seems truer than false."},"6":{"id":"R_2tEh8Y8mzhLwpRD","estimate":"75","direction":"T","argument":"It just seems like it would be that way. A lot of these cases don't have any evidence to back them up, so it seems about right on that account."},"7":{"id":"R_31acUWaRA6CtjYT","estimate":"19","direction":"F","argument":"The coal industry has been around a long time, and we haven't done away with coal use. The solar industry hasn't begun to hit its stride yet."},"8":{"id":"R_1MJRyWfYoOk2o0k","estimate":"29","direction":"F","argument":"I believe this statement has a better chance of being false because the blacks that are in the program must have worked hard to get there just like everyone else and would not want to drop out and have the skills to succeed."},"9":{"id":"R_2D8h8GMSt6fAkG4","estimate":"40","direction":"F","argument":"Another one I'm not sure about. But I think maybe sales tax might be more."},"solar.avg":"55%, 5%, 39%, 36%, 18%","gunviolence.avg":"2%, 70%, 90%, 86%, 0%","sexualharassment.avg":"4%, 70%, 20%, 61%, 18%","abortion.avg":"20%, 61%, 48%, 40%, 60%","marriage.avg":"90%, 60%, 35%, 40%, 70%","education.avg":"66%, 80%, 70%, 80%, 95%","taxrevenue.avg":"85%, 100%, 83%, 94%, 85%","gunsales.avg":"15%, 20%, 89%, 10%, 40%","democrats.avg":"60%, 12%, 5%, 1%, 28%","stem.avg":"61%, 29%, 40%, 4%, 0%"}