[{"msgID":"489","topic":"Marijuana","message":"I said I had no opinion. I have no information and therefore cannot make and objective decision on the topics. I have my own personal opinions but I lack objectivity.","count":"6","completed":"6"},{"msgID":"359","topic":"Marijuana","message":"I support the national legalization of marijuana for medical use because in some cases marijuana is the only \"\"medicine\"\" that will help calm and relax the patient. I remember my friend who had leukemia, started to smoke marijuana and it helped a lot with his pain and recovery, and now he completely recovered but he said that everything would have been different if he hadn't smoked marijuana. But I wouldn't agree to legalizing completely because people tend to become dependent on it which can sometimes make them a bit weaker.","count":"6","completed":"6"},{"msgID":"52","topic":"Marijuana","message":"Marijuana has plenty of health benefits. Readily accessible CBD is a proven anti-anxiety medication that is natural, unlike many medications in its class. While natural remedies aren't necessarily better than synthetically created drugs, it is often more socially acceptable to take natural remedy for certain illnesses, especially those with a heavy social stigma such as anxiety. Furthermore, CBD has been shown to drastically reduce epileptic seizures in children with Dravet syndrome. THC is often used for pain control, with many people suffering from cancer or Parkinson's using it to treat tremors and day-to-day pain. While there are many drugs that can treat pain just fine, many of these are addictive and almost all pain killers are damaging to the liver. Marijuana on the other hand, is not chemically addictive (although certain people do develop a psychological dependence), and has actually been shown to mitigate damage to the liver caused by alcoholism. \/ \/ Most importantly, however, is the civic benefits from marijuana legalization. Since 2014, Colorado has generated over $1.2 billion in tax revenue from marijuana sales and production, a significant portion of it going directly to the state's education budget. Furthermore, the taxation and legalization of marijuana makes it a legitimate market that is properly regulated and run by businesspeople, not a black market relegated to the edges of society. Legalization of marijuana leads to less people incarcerated for minor possession charges, saving tax dollars as well. In short, it increases the funding to schools, brings in tax dollars, and lowers the cost of running state and county prisons, while lowering drug-based violence in marginalized communities. ","count":"6","completed":"5"},{"msgID":"345","topic":"Marijuana","message":"I believe that marijuana use should be legal in all states for medical use. Firstly, Marijuana as a drug is safer to use than alcohol and cigarettes, proven by many studies. There have been no reported cases of marijuana overdose. Additionally, THC is harder to get addicted to than nicotine. Moreover, some medical cases can be managed and solved with marijuana use and there have been numerous studies showing this. Some patients suffer because they cannot get their hands on marijuana legally. Lastly, making marijuana legal would shut down the black market of marijuana and the government would be able to heavily tax it and thus control the supply and demand. Black markets are already an underlying issue and people who are eager are able to get their hands on marijuana illegally, and not only marijuana but other psychoactive substances as well. The government and people can both benefit from legalizing marijuana. ","count":"6","completed":"5"}]