{"0":"You bump into a co-worker, Malia, in the hallway on your way to the meeting. Malia waves to you as a greeting and you wave back as you pass by each other. Malia is another consultant working at the company with you, and has been recognized as an adept worker at the company. In fact, you heard from another coworker that Malia got 4.5 out of 5 in their most recent annual performance review. Both of you earn $60,000 as an annual salary. From what you have observed having worked at the consulting firm with Malia, she follows the typical schedule at the company, coming to work at 9am and leaving at 5pm.","1":"It is the beginning of the work week and you are having a conversation with one of your coworkers, Madeleine. You and Madeleine work in the same position as a consultant, and you know that she earns the same annual salary as you, which is $60,000 every year. Madeleine is known to be very skilled at her job, and is typically seen to be very competent. In fact, she recently went through a performance review and got 4.5\/5. At the consulting firm you work at, the typical work day is from 9am to 5pm. In the time that you and Madeleine have worked together, you have noticed that Madeleine tends to come in from 9am to 5pm like everyone else. Madeleine states how important it is for her to pursue her passion at work. Specifically, she says: \u201cI feel excited that this job allows me to do things that are important and significant to me on the job.\u201d Clearly, she primarily pursues her passions at work.","2":"Another week at the office has begun and you find yourself having a conversation with a co-worker, Charlie, at the coffee machine. From what you know, Charlie is seen as a passably competent and adequately skilled worker in the same position as you, working in the company as a consultant. You both have a similar annual salary of $60k, and you heard that Charlie recently got 3 out of 5 in his annual performance review. Charlie, like everyone else at the consulting firm, tends to come to work from 9am until 5pm.","3":"Denzel is a fellow consultant at the consulting firm that you work at. Both of you earn an annual salary of $60,000 a year, and you two are having a chat at work about the plan for an upcoming meeting. Denzel is excellcent at his job. You know this because the company recently went through the annual performance review, and Denzel got 4.5 out of 5. There seems to be agreement around the office that Denzel is an exceptional worker. Since working together with Denzel, you have observed that Denzel follows the usual office schedule, coming to work at 9am and leaving at 5pm like everyone else.","4":"You are on a break and you are chatting with Emily, who is a coworker of yours. Emily, similar to you, also works as a consultant in the company, and earns $60,000 for her annual salary, which is the same as your annual salary. During a recent performance review, Emily got 3\/5. Word around the company is that Emily is a decently competent worker, and is ordinarily skilled at her job. From working with Emily, you have observed that she typically works the usual hours, from 9am to 5pm, just like everyone else. You have also noticed that Emily primarily pursues her passion at work. In fact, in a recent conversation with Emily, she expressed that she cares strongly about pursuing her passion through her job, stating: \u201cI'm thrilled that I get to pursue what I'm passionate about in this job.\u201d","condition1":"f_control_great_scenario4","condition2":"f_passion_great_scenario1","condition3":"m_control_good_scenario3","condition4":"m_control_great_scenario5","condition5":"f_passion_good_scenario2","malename1":"Charlie","malename2":"Denzel","malename3":"Spencer","femalename1":"Malia","femalename2":"Madeleine","femalename3":"Emily","name1":"Malia","name2":"Madeleine","name3":"Charlie","name4":"Denzel","name5":"Emily"}