{"0":{"id":"R_3G7cKUg8XoSFIOb","estimate":"48","direction":"F","argument":"I think that is a very difficult call because I think they probably get abortions about equally."},"1":{"id":"R_2QMnLubTrvN815A","estimate":"1","direction":"F","argument":"Demoncrats are against President Trump and his promise to build a wall. This statement MUST be false (or we've been misled by Democrats for 10 years!)."},"2":{"id":"R_2zLPTlm3PnijcfT","estimate":"4","direction":"F","argument":"With what colleges and I assume public schools get, and if you count federal grants for individual students and government loans I do not see how it possible for the government to spend more on transportation. "},"3":{"id":"R_3MoPLYDeEM4ONcx","estimate":"20","direction":"F","argument":"It would surprise me if this were true because it seems like it is always mentioned that background checks are prevalent when talking about gun control."},"4":{"id":"R_12gWYFzeHYFuuh7","estimate":"70","direction":"T","argument":"I just hear much more about gun related homicides than suicides, so I'm pretty sure that's the case"},"5":{"id":"R_12gWYFzeHYFuuh7","estimate":"70","direction":"T","argument":"It seems like less people are getting married these days, especially younger people"},"6":{"id":"R_25FUpjgt4ZWDkLE","estimate":"66","direction":"T","argument":"I think it is pretty hard to prove that something is an act of sexual harassment because the suspect could just dismiss it and say that his or her intention is different."},"7":{"id":"R_3qRvSokazjSa481","estimate":"28","direction":"F","argument":"I would say the coal industry has been around for many many years and there is a larger population working in cold then solar."},"8":{"id":"R_3nC5PP8Gli8CTWR","estimate":"80","direction":"T","argument":"I can see this because although I am white, I am a woman and it is not a very encouraging environment to be involved in sometimes, especially if you are a minority."},"9":{"id":"R_10HkFiWejbdOH4N","estimate":"70","direction":"T","argument":"Since there are so many people who pay income taxes, it makes sense that the total sum of all those taxes would be a large amount, and probably the largest amount of any tax source. "},"solar.avg":"10%, 39%, 18%, 60%, 75%","gunviolence.avg":"1%, 88%, 19%, 90%, 91%","sexualharassment.avg":"80%, 20%, 66%, 20%, 71%","abortion.avg":"52%, 74%, 24%, 70%, 20%","marriage.avg":"15%, 61%, 81%, 80%, 49%","education.avg":"17%, 28%, 80%, 10%, 35%","taxrevenue.avg":"96%, 80%, 17%, 60%, 94%","gunsales.avg":"60%, 81%, 75%, 20%, 0%","democrats.avg":"1%, 20%, 95%, 80%, 5%","stem.avg":"15%, 25%, 100%, 20%, 10%"}