{"0":{"id":"R_4I7k5iVJ1olaV7r","estimate":"97","direction":"T","argument":"I've seen statistics that say white women have more sexual partners on average than black women, and thus, I think that makes the chance of getting abortions higher too."},"1":{"id":"R_3G7cKUg8XoSFIOb","estimate":"82","direction":"T","argument":"I think that is likely true because most politicians were very anti-immigration until about 2014."},"2":{"id":"R_z6kksO56J8MoP0B","estimate":"20","direction":"F","argument":"I don't think that's true because I always read about the government trying to do more to give money to education and to help the teachers and put more money into schools. Although, I don't think all that money is used for the schools anyway, they just say it is."},"3":{"id":"R_1EgMM4FYMqt3exq","estimate":"88","direction":"T","argument":"I think and hope the laws are changing, but right now gun shows sell guns all day without background checks; gun shops are different, I hope, and they do do background checks."},"4":{"id":"R_12gWYFzeHYFuuh7","estimate":"70","direction":"T","argument":"I just hear much more about gun related homicides than suicides, so I'm pretty sure that's the case"},"5":{"id":"R_30xh6bfS2ddR7Lo","estimate":"65","direction":"T","argument":"More people today are choosing to have children outside of traditional marriage."},"6":{"id":"R_9REyH9AiRYhuzoR","estimate":"70","direction":"T","argument":"Society as a whole does not take allegations of sexual assault or harassment seriously. Especially when women make them, they are believed to be liars and frauds and dismissed all the time."},"7":{"id":"R_30xh6bfS2ddR7Lo","estimate":"93","direction":"T","argument":"The solar energy industry is becoming a fastly growing industry and hiring more people than the coal industry."},"8":{"id":"R_3QJzw1IJMilsdms","estimate":"9","direction":"T","argument":"There could just be a small number of black students who would want to do this."},"9":{"id":"R_2zLPTlm3PnijcfT","estimate":"80","direction":"T","argument":"Because almost everyone works and everyone who does pays income tax so I am pretty sure it has to be. I am not 100% positive because there are other forms of tax like property tax and investments etc that are probably a lot, but I do not know the exact amounts. "},"solar.avg":"10%, 30%, 35%, 35%, 60%","gunviolence.avg":"88%, 51%, 70%, 60%, 70%","sexualharassment.avg":"85%, 70%, 78%, 56%, 80%","abortion.avg":"10%, 60%, 52%, 13%, 82%","marriage.avg":"15%, 40%, 30%, 71%, 70%","education.avg":"35%, 10%, 66%, 80%, 0%","taxrevenue.avg":"63%, 60%, 51%, 80%, 80%","gunsales.avg":"35%, 86%, 71%, 60%, 40%","democrats.avg":"1%, 28%, 5%, 80%, 0%","stem.avg":"61%, 72%, 79%, 25%, 70%"}