{"0":{"id":"R_1K6WQ259IFmFJ3b","estimate":"87","direction":"T","argument":"White women can afford to get abortions more so than black women."},"1":{"id":"R_1MJRyWfYoOk2o0k","estimate":"20","direction":"F","argument":"I believe it is most likely false due to the fact that the democrats as a whole seem to be against paying to put up a wall\/fence."},"2":{"id":"R_1gBkXJD10Zdrach","estimate":"80","direction":"T","argument":"The government hasn't been supporting education like it should so this makes sense to be true."},"3":{"id":"R_301Aq1qY9Q2Dz8E","estimate":"15","direction":"F","argument":"While this might have been the case at some point, with the massive focus on gun control and outcry for regulations in the gun industry, I find it highly unlikely over half of guns being sold in the US are sold without background checks."},"4":{"id":"R_301Aq1qY9Q2Dz8E","estimate":"65","direction":"T","argument":"I believe gun-related homicides are more plentiful than suicides because the nations murder rate is higher than the suicide rate. While I do believe self-inflicted gunshot is the most common method of suicide, I think the number of homicides is higher."},"5":{"id":"R_2BevTnqmEarbDte","estimate":"59","direction":"T","argument":"With how unpopular marriage has become with the current generation I can definitely see this being the case. If anything most will have children then get married afterwards,."},"6":{"id":"R_Ti7zIFTqhRt6oIF","estimate":"70","direction":"T","argument":"There isn't enough evidence in most cases to determine a guilt outcome."},"7":{"id":"R_1JF0PNmI46gipUb","estimate":"35","direction":"F","argument":"Personally I think the solar industry is just too knew to have eclipsed the coal industry already. Though it is possible with how fast the industry is growing."},"8":{"id":"R_3QJzw1IJMilsdms","estimate":"9","direction":"T","argument":"There could just be a small number of black students who would want to do this."},"9":{"id":"R_doR2ZhA6XKE2Nhv","estimate":"20","direction":"F","argument":"I do not think this is true. I think the largest source of tax revenue is sales tax because people buy things all day every day."},"solar.avg":"20%, 49%, 80%, 55%, 51%","gunviolence.avg":"90%, 67%, 90%, 86%, 60%","sexualharassment.avg":"70%, 70%, 70%, 71%, 81%","abortion.avg":"13%, 71%, 4%, 48%, 74%","marriage.avg":"42%, 81%, 59%, 60%, 20%","education.avg":"20%, 70%, 47%, 40%, 75%","taxrevenue.avg":"24%, 85%, 60%, 30%, 17%","gunsales.avg":"71%, 25%, 30%, 15%, 20%","democrats.avg":"0%, 5%, 9%, 95%, 12%","stem.avg":"21%, 79%, 20%, 75%, 85%"}