[{"msgID":"394","topic":"Immigration","message":"While I do not think the presence of illegal immigrants in this country is completely favorable, I understand they often come to seek refuge and find a better life. Therefore, I think the US should make it easier to take them into the country as well as make it easier and much more efficient for them to get citizenship in this country. I think this would better benefit everyone. I have heard many heartbreaking stories of illegal immigrants being kicked out of the country and separated from their families, and I think this would not be the case if they could be in a quicker and more accessible program to get citizenship. I have also had several experiences hearing about the economic detriment the presence of illegal immigrants can cause as well, and while this seems apathetic, I think it has some merit. Therefore, again, I think the best solution is to help immigrants get citizenship if they want to be in this country.","count":"5","completed":"5"},{"msgID":"198","topic":"Immigration","message":"Illegal immigrants are a net positive to the US. Currently, the size of the undocumented population in this US is around 10-12 million people. Most of these people perform low-wage labor that most Americans do not want to perform due to physical intensity, such as jobs in the agriculture, construction, and food industry. For example, recent raids by ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement) in Missouri have resulted in sharp labor shortages of over 20,000 jobs in the poultry sector, even in the longer-term, showing that it is not a question of immigrants stealing American jobs but rather a question of them taking jobs Americans do not want. Illegal immigrants also contribute taxes while not receiving US government welfare benefits: a recent study found that illegal immigrants put in $21,000 more than they take out of the system. Therefore, on fiscal as well as economic grounds illegal immigrants contribute. ","count":"5","completed":"5"},{"msgID":"299","topic":"Immigration","message":"I said no opinion to this statement. My mom was an immigrant as well as her whole side of the family. I don't think the U.S. should make it harder for illegal immigrants to enter the country, but it shouldn't be easier. The focus shouldn't be on border tightening, but fixing the current system of accepting immigration, something that for many families is an excruciatingly long process with many steps. Citizenship is one issue, but a lot of immigrants don't come for the citizenship, but come as refugees or come to escape violence back home. The process should be expedited for these people. I do agree though that we can't have open borders or loose policies. There are people out there who want to hurt the values we have as a country and we have to be mindful of who can get access to our country and our freedoms.","count":"5","completed":"5"},{"msgID":"325","topic":"Immigration","message":"I believe illegal immigrants and their children have a place in this country and immigration in general is something we should be weary about restricting. \/ \/ While not illegal, both of my parents were immigrants from another country and much of my family in the US is the exact same. I think immigration brings new ideas to countries and new thinkers that can create positive change. \/ \/ In addition, having debated topics about illegal immigration before, I think the US should be a leader in protecting asylum seekers and others fleeing dangerous circumstances and searching for better opportunity which our country prides itself on. \/ \/ Hearing stories of the pain illegal immigrants face in trying to cross the border and the perils of that journey were incredibly eye-opening for me and I think having someone go through all that only to get denied or detained at the border is something that is ludicrous. \/ \/ Another formative experience in my belief was also hearing others argue against it. In hearing arguments against immigration, many erred on the side of using racist remarks and beliefs to justify an ideology and that in no world, is strong enough as an argument in my viewpoint.","count":"5","completed":"5"}]