[{"msgID":"363","topic":"Marijuana","message":"I believe that marijuana should become legal at a national level for medical use. \/ This belief is informed by objective information, as an active component of marijuana, CBD, has been proven to cure certain pains and ilnesses without causing any alteration to the consciousness of the patient. CBD can provide relief against insomnia, anxiety, spasticity, and pain relief from potentially life threatening conditions such as epilepsy. Furthermore, marijuana can be used as a substitute, for many of these conditions, for patients who, due to medical reasons, cannot utilize already existing drugs. An example is for patients who suffer chronic pain. Marijuana is far safer than opioids, as it is impossible to overdose and it is far less addictive. Moreover, it can be used as a substitute to Advil when patients have problems with their livers or ulcers. \/ For other cases, such as easing the pain of multiple sclerosis, marijuana is by far the healthiest and safest options, as others such as Neurontin, Lyrica and opiates are highly sedating. \/ \/ ","count":"5","completed":"5"},{"msgID":"10","topic":"Marijuana","message":"I support the legalization of marijuana for medical use because I believe it can help improve people's lives drastically. This belief is informed because many people currently suffer from migraines for instance. Medical marijuana has been found to help those struggling with chronic migraines and therefore making it legal would benefit these people. Marijuana is a natural drug and therefore is better for humans to intake this drug compared to many prescription drugs that have negative effects on one's liver and mental state. Also, medical marijuana has been found to help people suffering from depression or anxiety. More and more people struggle with mental health issues and having this natural drug be accessible would greatly improve the lives of many. By having it be illegal, it makes it harder for people to receive help they need. People will find ways around the law in order to get this drug which is why legalizing it would be smart. Overall, I believe that it can do more good than harm as long as it is used for the right reasons.","count":"6","completed":"6"},{"msgID":"59","topic":"Marijuana","message":"The medical community and Congress both support aspects of legalizing medical marijuana. These include: \/ -Reducing nausea for chemo patients \/ -Reducing pain for other patients with conditions like arthritis \/ -Can treat appetitie loss \/ -Helps with chronic pain. \/ There are some cons, like: \/ -frequent use can harm short term memory \/ -can impair cognitive ability \/ -smoking has other health risks \/ -risk of abuse and addiction \/ Still however, medical marijuana should be legalized so that people with medical conditions can have that choice. The science suggests marijuana is not as harmful for you as people used to think. \/ Source: verywell health, pros and cons of medical marijuana (one of first google results) \/ ","count":"6","completed":"6"},{"msgID":"158","topic":"Marijuana","message":"I do believe marijuana should be legalized across all states. I first started smoking weed when I was a freshman in highschool and loved it, now however, I choose not to smoke because it gives me anxiety. Thus, initially I did not see how it can be helpful with people with those types of conditions. However, I have done more research on the topic and people contain different enzymes which break down THC, some people get relaxed from it while I just get paranoid now. Additionally, I believe it is much safer for pain relief than oxycontin and the like. However, I have seen recreational use of pot cause some friends to become extremely lazy, fat, and mentally \"\"out there\"\". I believe that weed should be used only for physical pain conditions and not for mental conditions, as I think it does more harm to the mental than it does good. I think people should stop advocating for recreational weed use so much and instead work hard and earn things without them being given. I prefer other drugs as a source of entertainment","count":"6","completed":"5"}]